pb-100 Ultrasonic Meter II, 0 to 500 kHz

Measures cavitation energy in your ultrasonic tanks, which allows you to:

¨ measure your cleaning tank performance
¨ set your tank energy level
¨ establish tank to tank uniformity
¨ map the energy variations in your tank


The pb-100  Ultrasonic Energy Meter IIs (0 to 500 kHz) are precise instruments for measuring ultrasonic and cavitation energy density. The systems measure energy density at a given point in time and space in a single fixed direction in the tank.   Readings are processed 1.5 times per second for fast accurate display on the front panel LCD.

The pb-100 is a scaled down version of the pb-500 Ultrasonic Energy Meter. It measures and displays only instant energy.   The following capabilities are not included: average energy, max, min, standard deviation, date, time, memory storage & retrieval, and frequency display. 


The meter allows you to establish several strategies to characterize a tank,  including:

• Measuring energy variations at a given point in the tank as a function of time.

• Mapping a tank by ‘walking’ the probe at a fixed depth under the surface of the tank.  Click HERE to see an example figure.

• Comparing average energy from tank to tank, over the life of a tank, or unloaded versus loaded with parts to be cleaned.

The pb-100 may be upgraded to the pb-502 at any time.

Energy Range 0 to 255 w/in2 (w/gal*)
Energy Accuracy ±0.2% w/in2 (w/gal)
Energy Display Resolution 1.0 w/in2 (w/gal)
Frequency Range 0 to 500 kHz
Frequency Accuracy N/A
Freq. Display Resolution N/A
Display Custom LCD
Memory N/A
Output N/A
Input Standard 7.2-volt battery charger, Probe
Case Materials Aluminum with polyurethane baked enamel paint
Probe Materials EPDM half-sphere, Teflon wrapped 316 s.s. tube, Quartz lens filter,  PVC electric cable.   Click HERE to see the  Probe Material Chemical Table.
Operating Temperatures  1° to 70° C (33° to 160° F)
Power One 7.2-volt sealed Ni-Cad rechargeable battery
Weight 2 lb. Complete
Case Dimension 4" W x 8" L x 2" H