FLUKE 8060A/8062A   Mutimeter

Fluke's 8060A and 8062A 4-1/2-digit/20000 Count DMMs offer more measurement capabilities than many bench/portable models. Well suited for engineers and technicians working in audio, video, telecommunications, or computer technology, both meters combine precision and accuracy with a wealth of features to fit nearly every application. 
  • True-rms AC voltage and current measurement
    (Volts to 100 kHz [8060A]; Volts to 30 kHz [8062A])
  • Fast audible-visual continuity tests
  • Relative Reference (offset): When measuring ohms with the 8060A or 8062A, the relative reference function displays only the difference between a stored reference value and a measured value, even if the range was changed between readings. Relative mode works in all functions and ranges.
  • Low-power ohms on all resistance ranges, for in-circuit resistor tests
  • Constant-current diode test mode
  • Resistance and conductance measurements
  • Frequency and dB measurements (8060A). The 8060A's direct dB readout (referenced to 600Ohms) easily and accurately measures the dB gain or loss of amplifiers, filters or attenuators.
  • Digital Display/Counts: 20000
  • Resistance to 300 MM

 제품 사양
  Technical Specifications


 Range and Resolution: 200.00 mV, 2.0000V, 20.000V, 200.00V,  1000.0V
  8060A: 200.00 mV, 2.0000V, 20.000V, 200.00V, 1000.0V
  8062A: ±(0.05%+2)

VAC (True-RMS, AC Coupled)

 Range and Resolution: 200.00 mV, 2.0000V, 20.000V, 200.00V,  750.0V
  8060A: ±(0.2%+10)
  8062A: ±(0.5%+10)

dBm, 600Ohms reference

 Range and Resolution: -50.00 - +60.00 dBm
  8060A: ±(0.15 dB)
  8062A: NA


 Range and Resolution: 200.00㎂ , 2.0000 mA, 20.000 mA, 200.00  mA, 2000.0 mA 
  8060A: ±(0.2%+2)
  8062A: ±(0.3%+2)

AAC (True-RMS)

 Range and Resolution: 200.00 ㎂, 2.0000 mA, 20.000 mA, 200.00 mA, 2000.0 mA
  8060A: ±(0.75%+10)
  8062A: ±(0.75%+10)


 Range and Resolution: 200.00Ohms, 2.0000 ㏀,20.000 ㏀, 200.00 ㏀ 300.0 ㏁
 8060A: ±(0.07%+2)
  8062A: ±(0.1%+2)


 Range and Resolution: 200.00 Hz, 2.0000 kHz, 20.000 kHz, 200.00  kHz
  8060A: ±(0.05%+1)
  8062A: NA


 Range and Resolution: 2000.0 nS (equivalent to 500 ㏀)
  8060A: ±(0.5%+20)
  8062A: NA

  General Specifications

Battery Life

 170 hours typical (9V alkaline)


 0.41 kg (0.90 lb)


 180 mm L x 86 mm W x 45 mm D (7.1" L x 3.4" W x 1.8" D)

One Year Warranty

 One year guaranteed calibration

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